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Preston is a self taught frisbee trainer who began at a very young age.  He was always one of the youngest competitors at every competition he attended but alway had the respect of his fellow competitors.  It was apparent very early that he ha a natural talent for training and competing.  Because of his youth, he was often underestimated but always had a lot of maturity on the field and brought some innovative new moves to the field at competitions.

Preston, now 19 years old, is a self-taught competitor and performer who learned his skills by by by watching videos of other handlers performing different maneuvers and tricks. He then developed his own style of play and has developed many original tricks and choreographed all of his routines. He has been competing for over 6 years and is respected by his fellow competitors as a serious threat to take the title when he competes.

Preston now has a total of four border collies that he competes and performs with. Skye is the senior member of his team. His second furry member is Sienna, who’s has won numerous awards and recently competed and won second place in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge World Finals. Next, he has Tawny, who is a very talented young dog which won second place in the Skyhoundz Word Championships Distance and Accuracy Event when she was only 11 months old. Finally, his youngest member in Thrasher. He is an amazingly talented dog who has yet to compete but is sure to do sig things in the sport with the natural ability he possesses.

Preston has competed in numerous events all over the nation.. Most recently, he competed in St. Louis, Missouri at the Ashley Whippet World Championships. Prior to that, he competed in the Skyhoundz World Championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Preston has also performed in shows around the country. He spent an entire summer in Branson, Missouri working for Lou Mack’s Cool Dog Production in Jump! The Ultimate Dog Show! He has also worked with Scott Houghton’s show called Mutts Gone Nuts. The performed at state and county fairs through the northeastern United States.

Preston is very active in disc dog events and is also a full-time college student studying veterinary medicine.